Sky's the limit
Opening day

Sky's the limit
Finissage day copie_v2.jpg

Sky's the limit
Finissage day

Sky's the limit
construction of the cabin

Sky's the limit
peparatory sketch


Sky's the limit is an installation project in collaboration with the artist Maëlle Maisonneuve.
Realised during a residency for Diep Festival 2013.
Exhibited from July 7th to August 18th in Dieppe (France).

The cabin was especially created for the Diep festival 2013 on the Beach of Dieppe (France) and the outside was made as a giant coloring book for the visitors and beach attendants.

The beachcabin was covered of postcards from the worldwide littorals send by friends, and unknown people contacted threw travelforums and websites. The sealevels of all the images were joined together on the horizon line (the sea level of Dieppe).

Special thanks to all the people who participated in the project by sending postcards.