Berlin Brillen

I started to work on glasses wich I was still hanging in urban space. This medium had several advantages : their forms, their colors, their fashion, could be associated to the look of an imaginary person.
Besides being transparent, they pointed more precisely the ratio vision/representation than I was trying to interrogat : what are the limits of our vision, is it possible to represent them even though our look is in continuous movement?

The double lenses gave me the possibility to do a stereoscopic representation: a point of view for each eye.
The aim of these glasses, dispatched in Berlin was to represent views of the city considering two different point of views : the left eye’s and the right eye’s.

Thus, the painting of the left eye and the on of the right eye represent the same elements but from a slightly various point of view.

In this work I intended to point out the difference between a drawing with a unique point of view of classical perspective and the binocular vision of humans.

Click here to see the preparatory sketches

view of Alexanderplatz
November 2009

View of Invalidstraße
December 2009

View of Bühnstraße
October 2009