Le château is a traveling art platform founded in Brussels in 2013 by Léa Mayer and Maëlle Maisonneuve.

Le château is a non-profit exhibition space established in a miniature castle.
The purpose of Le château is to provide an autonomous exhibition space (small as it may be) and to promote young artists.
Le château is completely free from any profit judgement, the purpose of Le Château is to support promising artistic approaches.
Le château has about 515 cm2 of exhibition space, its volume is about 9630 cm3.
Due to its small size, the castle is transportable by mail which gives it an international visibility.
Le château is a constraint which makes visible the diversity of the artistic approaches.
Le château is led by a desire to share, exchange and support.
Le château creates social bond, postal and international relationships.
Kids love the Le château, the others as well.
Le château is hosted by the courtisans and presented in their city of residence.
To be a courtisan of Le Château, you simply need to contact Le Château, welcome!

LeChâteau's website