Windows with a view

344 chaussée d’Alsemberg
1190 Brussels

May 2009
Paint marker on shopwindow

School Library
100 rue du marais
1000 Brussels

April 2009
Paint marker on shopwindow

427 chaussée d’Alsemberg
1180 Uccle

November 2009
paintmarker on shopwindow

349 chaussée d’Alsemberg
1190 Forest

May 2009
Paint marker on shopwindow

38 chaussée d’Alsemberg
1180 Brussels

December 2008
Paint marker on shopwindow

This project is based on drawing what can be seen behind a window-pane. The purpose of this work was to question the limits between the inside and the outside, the boarder between private and public areas.
The passers-by could observe the reality inside and its representation on the window overlapping.

That can develop some interrogations about the uniqueness of point of view, always in change in fact, the representation of the people, the objects, the space of a place. The goal was also to draw compositions of window displays and of housing arranged by people external to the artworld, with a manner and a personal taste to arrange objects and elements totally different from mine.

I enjoyed working outside because, while I was drawing, some passers-by stopped to take a look, asked me questions and I learned a lot about image interpretations from these constructive chats.

Click here to see the preparatory sketches