Egyptian Souvenirs

Egyptian Souvenirs is an intangible work: it is an artistic protocol to be followed by the person who would like to activate the piece.
The protocol is published in 25 copies, and can therefore take 25 different forms.

01. Search and find in a flea market, antique shop, e-commerce websites (ebay, leboncoin etc.) a souvenir object of Egypt.
The souvenir object may be of various kinds : small pyramid, sphinx, painted papyrus, picture, engraving, jewelery, amulet, pottery, etc.

02. Arrange it in your interior, if possible placed in evidence in order that it can easily be noticed.

03. If a third party asks a question about the object acquired following the protocol, it will be necessary to develop a fictitious journey during in which you could have acquired it.
Invent memories, anecdotes for a journey that never existed.
In order to do this, you can rely on your stereotype ideas of ‘an Egypt journey’, but it is also possible to get some extra
informations through books or the Internet.
The fictional trip will not necessarily be a recent trip.

04. The fictitious journey does not have a definite form, its history can be modified or improved, with each new person who will question the origin of the object.

Important : The fictitious journey may (without obligations) be developed by several people if you want to activate it with your family or a group of friends.