Detail-oriented (Blissful collection from the visible)

Coming from Brussels, Léa Mayer has produced, during her residency on the Audomarois territory, a series of works with evolving titles. With her drawings between figuration and abstraction, made directly on the walls, she invites us to return to essentials, to the visual essence of a space, to rediscover the banal intensity of a trite landscape. (The natives will find without doubt the familiar aspect of shapes and colors, a visual vocabulary visual specific to a lived environment.) In a participative approach, Léa Mayer invited people (inhabitants from the territory or not) to entitle her drawings, a fundamental act finalizing often the creative process of the artist. The drawings are juxtaposed to electronic artlabels (augmented e-readers) displaying a selection of these titles. The titles are changing, following a random temporality between 3 and 20 minutes. Thus, the visitor discovers each drawing with a key to interpret them coming from the specific eye of another person. This device allows Léa Mayer to include a new individual in the usual artist-work-spectator scheme : the unknown who gave the drawing its title. Thereby this work invites everyone to open up to their own perception, highlighting the different possibilities of looking at an image and how everyone appropriates them.

B. Warzée - Espace 36 ---> (scroll right)