[v] [wa] [d] [o] is an artist book developed in collaboration with Pascaline Marque which focuses on the question of visual language and written language .
Concretely, the purpous is to draw a whole novel in rebus. To switch from a simple child’s game into a real mind game. To make the  reader deal with two levels of interpretation: decrypting the rebus in order to access to the story of the novel, or to read the images in order to create his own story from his interpretation.
The plot of the story of the novel is simple and open to various interpretations (as a myth or an urban legend):
A man, alone, builts a boat in his apartment. The construction is lasting for months. Every day when he is at work, he is imagining what he will do with his boat: a journey, an encounter, a discovery, etc.
Each page is a new epic, a new painting transcribing a dreamed adventure.

NB : the version we are working on is only accessible for fluent french speaking people, but it is planned to work on an english version in the future.